Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ignorance is Strength

Note: This post was inspired by the article "McCain says Obama is 'making up facts'" over at Politico.

Wow...it's amazing how conservative robots will adopt the mantra spewed by their radio prophets and pathetic candidates. The irony in everything these people say and is almost beyond belief. And I'm getting tired of it.

They have to be doing it on purpose. Come on. They have to. McCain accuses Obama of distracting the public from the economy when the economy is Obama's strength right now. Are you serious??? McCain accuses Obama of mudslinging when he flat out lies about Palin's bridge to nowhere and flat out lies about Obama's plan to educate kindergartners about dealing with sexual predators. Really??? McCain says he's the agent of change but his entire economic platform is based on the same disasterous neoconservative free market deregulation policies as George W. Bush, and the same strong handed simple minded fear fear fear cowboy foreign policy as George W. Bush.

This is doublespeak. Plain and simple. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.

The Republicans have been using fear to get elected as long as I've been alive. They tell us to be afraid of the evil that's out there. But, what about the evil right in front of our faces. Wake up people. We are the oppressors. We invaded a country unprovoked and justified it with lies. We destroyed an entire nation. We are responsible for the deaths of over a million innocent people and thousands of young American soldiers. Iraq will never be the same. Despite the rosy picture created by the failures at foxcnnnbc, it is NOT a better place than it was. Just ask an Iraqi still living there. We are the oppressors.

I say we, but I really mean our neoconservative government. And with the Palin pick, McCain showed that, just like George W. Bush, he is enslaved to the radicals in the far right (he's gotta think about reelection, right). Bush's team has been prepping Sarah "the Barracuda" on foreign policy since her appointment. Did you watch the interview? Miss I'm-qualified-because-of-my-approximation-to-Russia didn't think twice about using force against Russia if it came down to it. Have we learned nothing about using threats and bombs to solve our problems?

If another puppet in the pockets of the neocon think tanks is elected, there will be a war in Iran. Now, that's scary. Palin may have even hinted at the new PNAC strategy to "rebuild America's defenses" (aka fight "theater wars" to prepare for a "large-scale war" while fattening the pockets of your future employers along the way). Since lying our way into war is somewhat unpopular these days, they'll just fight wars in the name of defending our allies. Everyone knows Israel is chomping at the bit to drop bombs on Iran. We'll secretly advise them to let 'em fly and simply "support our allies" by following right behind them. Former Soviet territories are itching to join NATO to protect themselves from Russia. McCain is elected and continues Bush's Russia taunting be making this happen. Russia reacts by invading Georgia again. Just like that, the neocons will, at long last, have their "large-scale war." Horray! It's all in that PNAC document I linked to. That vicious thing explains most of the seemingly idiodic decisions of the Bush/Cheney administration. And it terrifies me to the core.

Let me make this clear...McCain has the same foreign policy as Bush. He's in the pockets of the same guys. He drank the same Kool-aid. He'll make the same threats. He'll start the same wars.

Get used to the doublespeak from his team. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.

Read some Orwell...and if McCain is elected, watch in horror as this country becomes Oceania.